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November 25, 2011

Music – I am a stage where I’ve got all the bits and pieces of knowledge and techniques to be able to put a track together. It’s about actually putting the tracks together. My goal is for next summer, to be able to be performing live at parties. This is a pretty ambitious goal. It involves me learning how to play live, but also, compiling enough stems, and loops etc, to put a good varied one hour set on (And not be playing the same set every time). More about what I’ll be doing with music later.

Programming – I am doing this summer research project. I got a scholarship worth $4000 for doing it, so worth while. 🙂 The project involves creating a GUI to allows you to draw in graph nodes and edges between them. It then runs an algorithm that allows you to show the shortest path between two nodes. There are two algorithms to implement, one is more more efficient than the other.
So this project will be a bit of work, and I’ve just got to get through it. It involves a lot of learning by myself, as I’m using libraries I haven’t used before.

I also have another personal programming project I’m working. Writing an oscillator program. At this stage it would be just doing a visual oscillator, than has a morphable waveform. Eventually I’d like to make it make actual sound. I was thinking of writing it in Java – as that would be nice and moveable. I have a friend I might be working on this with, once I’ve got it actually started.

Book – I’m writing a book called ‘Advice I would give my younger self – An advice manual for young intelligent men’. This is just a side project – I’m not hugely optimistic about getting it published (especially in this day and age of the blogosphere), but I think it would be a good thing to do anyway. Had made a start on this, but I lost everything recently. Am not too bothered, it wasn’t that far in.

So my summer goals are pretty tangible.

– Get a few songs written. The music one is probably the least clear, but that’s where I think writing here is going to help me set some good goals.

– Do a good job of this summer project.

– Write this visual oscillator. It really shouldn’t be too much work, once I’ve if got the initial stuff done.

– Get a good chunk of this book done.


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