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Deciding about a flat to get.

November 29, 2011

I initially posted this in a thread at the music production forum I post in – PsyMusic UK. 

So it’s at the end of the year and I’ve got to find a new flat. My lease here expires in a month, and I don’t want to stay on for another year. The kitchen situation here is a bit too messy for my liking. And I’ve had real trouble with one of the flatmates, who likes to watch movies or listen to music late at night, and refuses to use headphones (though more recently he’s been ok, still a pretty difficult situation, quite an unreasonable and vindictive guy, but let’s not get into it).

So the kind of flat I’m looking for, is a kind of sensible one where, where it’s tidy, and I’m able to goto sleep at night, but at the same time, I’m able to make music in.

So far the other flats I’ve checked out have been typical student digs. Kitchen a bit messy, the main thing that would get to me. Also, most of them are wanting a flatmate now, and I’ve still got another month on my lease, so chances are I’m not going to get these flats anyway.

So I check out this flat this afternoon, and it’s pretty good deal!. Nice place, tidy kitchen nice lounge (leather sofas! big tv!), fully furnished room. The land lady is super nice and friendly. And the room is avaiable right from when my lease ends, so that works well for me. It’s this asian lady landlord, and it seems like the other flatmates are asian as well. So it’s got that quiet vibe going on. She mentions more than once that ‘This is a very quiet flat, people study’. Mentions that she prefers singles, because ‘couples are always talking’ and then mentions that thin walls. LOL, nice insinuation there.

So ok, I bring it up at that I make music. ‘Oh really! cool!’ kind of thing, so would it be ok to make music here? yes.

Summary: very nice house, and the timing of it suits me. The flatmates are polite asians.

The problem here is that I’m just worried that making music really isn’t going to that ok. Also, probably would prefer flatmates that are that awesome social, AND tidy. But perhaps I’m being too demanding here. Really it might come down to a toss up between ‘tidy’ and ‘social and awesome’ (probably a false dichotomy actually – as being awesome would entail being tidy). Anyway, let’s continue. Pros vs Cons.


  • Nice house. Living the life of luxury.
  • Nice double bed.
  • Good place to bring girls home to. (coz it’s nice. My current place feels like a bachelor’s cave).
  • Flatmates are going to be tidy.
  • Flatmates aren’t going to keep me awake at night.
  • The timing is convienient.
  • Can stop worrying about looking for a flat now, if I accept.
  • Land lady seems very nice. (though is she just trying to entice me, to turn into a scammer later on? Wow, hear me being cynical).


  •  other flatmates my get ansty at me for:

-bringing girls home

 -making music

  • Could be a socially awkward vibe. But nah, I reckon I could talk them out of their shells.

I can’t by sure that it actually is going to be an asian vibe. When I move in there will only be three flatmates, and then she’ll be filling it with others. They won’t necessarily be asian.

Ok, looks like main problems is if it gets really passive aggressive (ie, they just don’t like me for not being a quiet shut in. Well, I’ll be honest here and admit that I have had a tendency to just rub people the wrong way. But I’m not going to accept that as a fundemental trait of mine, rather I can learn to socialise better.), or if it’s really problematic with the music. I figure that I can work around the others with music, eg do it during the days when they are out, or something like that. And worst comes to worst, I can just move out.

Alright, looks like I might be accepting this flat. I’ll have a token look at a few other flats but.


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