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I get paralysed by decision making.

December 2, 2011

(Am writing this while I wait for some files to copy, I’m about to re-install my operating systems onto a new hard drive).

So today. I woke up reasonably early – got up at 7.45 (I’m trying to be getting up at 6-00). Went for a run, did my work out. Good so far.

There’s a backpack on sale on 1-Day and I’m considering buying it. But like, it’ll cost $75, and I don’t want to be just throwing my money away. So I sit there, think about it. Read facebook, and do other things while thinking about this decision. I think in the end it cost me about 2 hours! And I didn’t even buy it in the end (I added it to my cart, thought about it some more, and then the cart expired, and the deal was gone).

This kind of paralysis happens quite frequently, (eg sometimes when deciding whether to go out or not) often the decision isn’t even that important.

Another decision I’m facing:

There’s this party on tonight. I had contacted the organiser a while back offering to help out. He’s keen, and then earlier this week I contacted him again, and he told me to try get out there by midday. I don’t have a car, so I ask him if there is anyone else going out then that can give me a ride. He tells me he’ll ask around, but he doesn’t get back to me.

So I could have tried hitching out early, but I think this was a silly idea, the party is out in an isolated spot, and I might have just spent ages waiting. I think it’s fair that if I’m going to be helping out, that a ride is sorted.
The other thing I could do, is get a ride out as early as I can through the facebook page. I see someone is going out at 1pm.

However, what I’m thinking is that I’d rather just be at home, being productive here – installing my operating systems.
But am I letting this guy down? (If you’re reading this Muz, sorry ). I do want to be ‘make my way up’ in the dance party scene, getting chummy, make connections.

I’ve already paid for a ticket now (figuring that I wouldn’t be helping out) – and going out early is just going to mean hanging around. I’d much rather be there later on, and just maximise the social time.

Ok, sounds like I’ve made my decision. It also means that I’ve turned down a ride at around 2pm, I’ll try get a ride at 5pm.  But is this is a silly ‘Bird in the hand vs two in the bush’ type deal?


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