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Not making music till my computer gets sorted.

December 3, 2011

So I’ve had computer issues recently, just a quick summary:

I had been having this problem with sound interference – causing this whine on my speakers. Got that sorted with a ground loop isolator. A simple device costs $25, you run your audio cables through it.

I lost my hard drive. – The irony is, I bought a new hard drive, in part because the one I was using isn’t mine, and was full, but also because the one I was using was old, and I fear harddrive failure losing all my work. But it was the new hard drive that failed.

So starting again from scratch. I’m not actually too bothered. The tracks I did have complete I burnt off before the failure, so atleast I’ve got wav quality saved.
But I’m seeing this as a clean slate, time to make some real progress with all the stuff I’ve learnt.


But not getting started until my computer gets sorted.

I could be making music on my existing install, and then back them up and transfer them to the install when it’s done. But I just don’t like this! I want to have my installs completely done, then I can relax, and get on with it.

Recovering tracks backed up ableton files can be a real pain. But is this just a learning curve I’m yet to master?

Anyway, let’s just get this install done, and get on with it.


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