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So today didn’t go as successfully as I thought it might.

December 3, 2011

The only mission was getting Windows installed onto a new hard drive, a pretty straight foward task,  but it just didn’t happen.

The install DVD seemed to just not want to boot. I ended up burning off two or three of them, thinking that it was a DVD error (the disks were slightly scuffed), not working. Went to the supermarket and bought a couple of new ones.

I noticed that you could run them from within a windows install,  so I tried that. Installed fine, but didn’t work for my purposes as it seems the master boot record is still on the old hard drive. So I spent all day doing this, and didn’t get anywhere.

I’m feeling pretty good now though. Am glad I didn’t go out today? Fuck spending all day in the sun. And I’ve got to spend the afternoon with a friend.

So what was I doing wrong?

I think I was trying to be too hurried with it. Would be better to be just relaxed, have some music playing, take my time read the help files, take the time to google, etc. Probably a too bigger undertaking for when I’ve got to be somewhere that night. Anyway – I feel good about being able to do it sometime this week.


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