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Dance party aftermath.

December 8, 2011

Firstly – I don’t know what that trouble I was having with booting the install CD was. When I came home I tried again, and it went fine. Sometimes I think that computers do have this kind of moralistic trip going on, and decide to play up to teach you some lesson in virtue or something… (But seriously, I guess I was overlooking something silly?).

Feeling tired after a dance party. 

So often I do find myself feeling a bit jaded when I come back from dance parties, and this time was like that. While I have got some stuff done, I haven’t really got any of the concrete ‘four things I’m doing this summer’ done, until tonight.

  • I found myself eating a lot, which is ok, it was enjoyable. 🙂
  • Was watching a fair bit of my TV shows (Battlestar Galactica :3).
  • But not getting off to uni to work on this summer project.
  • Picked up my browsing habits. Definitely shouldn’t do that, that’s a simple enough one. If I’m going to be doing down time, I might as well do it properly.
Part of the slackness is to do with feeling jaded – ‘forgetting’ what the reason I’m trying to be productive in the first place is. (What is that reason anyway?). The other part is simple tiredness/exhaustion.
One of the things I have been doing is looking at torrent tracker invites and such. It’s a bit of a fuck around. Would be so much simpler to be just paying for this shit (sample packs, loseless music) (but then, hopefully they’d give you a good demo of it). Looking forward to having a proper job. It would be really good (for everybody) to be able to just ‘throw their money away’, like that.

I got to uni tonight though, and got started, and that feels good. I think it was a bit of a case of ‘it’s painful making the decision to get started’.

Work vs Study.
Meanwhile though, I have a few oddjobs lined up. These jobs aren’t worth a whole lot, $15/hr typically. On one hand it is a virtue to work (better than doing nothing!), and I could do with the money. It’ll pay for those little things that I like to buy (booze, weed, see cologne later on in this post).
On the other hand, I do have things to do. For example tomorrow I’ve elected to work all day (this guy might be paying $20/hr…), and I’ll be working and busy on Saturday, and busy at least for a bit on Sunday… that’s three days  that I’m effectively selling. I guess I can use these three days to think about my project, and maybe make some headway on it Sunday night.

Haven’t been exercising.
Again with the ‘feeling jaded/tired after dance parties’ thing, not exercising seems pretty reasonable. I have just done a 12 hour stonk at it after all. Still, I do need to pick it up at some stage. What’s the acceptable level there?

Within a context of working.
I can get away with this ‘taking it easy after dance parties’ trip at the moment, because I’m a student, I don’t really have strong responsibilities I have to report to. But what about in a couple of years time when I do have a job? It simply wouldn’t be acceptable to slack off for a half a week because ‘I’m tired from a dance party’.

Bottom Line.
I need to work on springing back from dance parties. Sunday recovery and that’s it! 🙂
Yeah, why not? I think if I go in with that kind of attitude, it might work. We’ll see next time. 🙂
For next time – Don’t allow yourself to pick up browsing habits. Download a game and play that or something instead.
Perhaps get making some music (I’ll have my music programs setup by then).

Cologne is the latest hobby/whatever I’ve found to distract me. I’ve spent quite a few hours today reading cologne reviews. Started because I wanted to by my little brother some cologne for his birthday, and I had to read reviews to make sure I was getting him a decent cologne, while not spending too much. Then I’ve started considering buying a new one for myself. It’s something I could spend a fair amount of time and money on.  I already own one cologne, and it’s nice, I like wearing it. That’s where I can get into the world of exploring colognes, using different fragrances, blah blah blah. It’s just another kind of ‘art’ to get into, it could easily be wine, or music. And again, there’s the whole being paralyzed by decisions thing. For example, there is one cologne I’m thinking about buying now, it costs $45, and is a like dark mysterious kind of fragrance. But is that really what I want to be going for? (I’m thinking something more just spicy and yum). It’s summer time, so I don’t want anything too heavy, but then I could buy one and save it for winter…   Blah blah blah blah, you can see how this would go. 🙂

P.S Funny anecdote – This morning when I was sleeping in and failing to get up, I was like (dreaming) ‘Oh man, my master boot record must be corrupt’. Hurrr :).


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