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Operation Make A Track In A Week.

December 11, 2011

I don’t know how well this is going to go.

If I was dedicating the week just to writing a track, then sure. But I’ve got this programming assignment to work on, and that takes priority. My plan is to spend tomorrow day getting this assignment done. That will leave me with time tomorrow night to work on a track I guess.

The plan for the track is: fourish minutes long, has an intro, an intense part, a break down, another intense part, and then an outro. I’m feeling a bit, that because I don’t have the time to dedicate to it, that it’s going to fail. But nah, having written this, it’ll be an interesting experiment, let’s do this! Have been thinking about playing around with putting my own voice as a sample in it, as a source of inspiration, but nah, I’ll leave that for next project or whatever. This one is just going to be a fairly standard straight forward track. I have a kind of sound I’m going for I guess.

I got my Ableton installed tonight, and I have some sample packs ready, I’m pretty much ready to get making music.

But it’s 9:30 pm now, I won’t get home till 10, and then bed time by 11. Should I even try starting tonight? Perhaps that’s more reason to start tonight. But then I’ve got a couple of couch surfers here, I could hang out with them. And I could do with something to eat? I kind of am thinking that because the the first thing I’ve got to start with is the kick bass, I should dedicate a good chunk of time to getting that right, rather than just getting into it and then stopping and going to bed, and starting the whole process again tomorrow.

Ok, I think I’ve sorted that out. It’s not happening tonight, but I can spend tonight and tomorrow thinking about making music, and hopefully come into really inspired tomorrow. Lol did you just witness my mind rationalising not doing work, or am I really being sensible?

Day 1 – I did get started tonight. Wasn’t really feeling it at the start, but now that I’ve worked at it for a couple of hours, I feel ok. I’ve got a bass, kick, and some drums in, and another technoy percussion sound in. I’m really going to need to speed things up if I’m going to complete this.
Was actually a bit worried for a while, because Ableton was being real terribly sluggish (and I actually did all my work tonight like that),  and I was thinking ‘oh fuck, more issues’. But I just reopened it now, and it’s fine. Good.
Next step – I’m thinking putting in a mid, kind of bassy lead sound to get that rhythm going on, and then basically copy paste out, make it interesting, maybe add some more sounds, try call that the first intense part.

Day 2- Again less than two hours work tonight. Added some new sounds, and now that I’ve double this part out, we can say that that’s enough length for the first intense part. Have added some dirty sounds, and some pitch bent leady sounds. It’s coming along. We’ll see how tomorrow night’s jam goes.

Day 3, 4 – Last night I think I worked for about an 1 1/2 hours. Got it extended a bit. Tonight worked for about 4 hours. (Was considering going out, but then realised that actually  making this track is what I want to be doing). So it doesn’t really seem to be following this ‘intense part, long break down, intense part’ structure, but whatevs. I feel kind of commited, and what I’m doing is working, so yeah. Got more elements done tonight, track is approaching the 3 minute mark, which is good. Can then add on the intro and outro, and that’s the full length. So I’ve got length done first, and then I’ll go over and fill it up a bit more.

In other news, I’m thinking the next track I’ll make will be TECHNO!.

Day 5, 6 – Didn’t get any work done on it these days.

Day 7. Had partied all night on saturday night. Was quite tired. Made some progress on it, then kept watching The Wire too much. Was hungry and not very onto it. Eating definitely helped.

Day 8. Deadline.  Had to get to the airport to catch a plane at 2pm. Got up, did some missions. Worked on the track. More getting ready to leave missions. Had planned to leave the house by 12, but left at 12:25, working on it. (got to the airport on time).



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