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Question about snacks/treats and productivity.

December 12, 2011

I’ve got everything I set for myself to do today done, so I’m happy about that. Considering doing a little bit more, but I’ll write this first.

So I do my work at the uni labs, and in the building is a cafe.

Today for example, I didn’t bring any lunch. I wasn’t hungry leaving the house (having just eaten breakfast), but I guess I tacitly made the decision that I’d be buying my lunch.
Anyway – lunch aside, sometimes I buy a decaf coffee and/or some kind of slice. I figure it perks me up and helps me be productive.
At home I sometimes make chocolate brownie, or chocolate chip cookies, and munch on those intermittently.

About Coffee.
I read an article a while back productivity and caffiene, and it basically suggested that drinking coffee doesn’t make you more productive, than if you didn’t drink coffee at all. It’s just that coffee withdrawal will make you less productive, and the coffee helps you get over that. So I figure just get hard and go without the coffee, save some money, and be able to sleep at night.

But I do like the idea of drinking coffee right? So I got into drinking decaf, and I do like it! (What’s interesting is that since switching to decaf I’ve started adding milk and sugar to my drinks).


So there’s two questions here:

– Do snacks really make me more productive? My argument for it being productive would be that… it increases your blood sugar, makes you feel happy, and then you get a flow on and keep going with it. Against – eating can be a form of procrastination. Especially with sugary baking type foods, it can be addictive – you eat one cookie, and start eating more. It might make you feel good for a start, but give you a sugar low later. I guess I could argue that if it is about a sugar pick me up, then I could just bring apples to uni. Save money, and not get into the ‘eating too much baking’ trap. Man that sounds boring. 😛

– In the case of buying snacks, is it really worth it? If I were to spend $20 a week on snacks (that’s say an average of one $4 snack, five days a week), I’d spend $1000 on snacks. But if it makes me productive… is that worth it? Perhaps I can just ‘get over’ the snacks for productivity thing, and be productive regardless.

P.S I’m not doing any more work today. Well, I’m going to go home, and eat, coz I’m hungry. At home I’ll make a plan for what I’m doing tomorrow, and maybe do some reading about stuff I’ve got to do.


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