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On giving up.

December 15, 2011

Today I had planned to get in and pretty much knock this stage of the assignment out. Got stuck on returning a string from a function in C.

Took a break, ate an apple. Went back to it. Bought a chocolate slice. Back to it. Felt more hungry, started considering buying a decaf, but don’t. (If I had bought a decaf right back then, then perhaps I would have got through it?).  Read a few things about the problem, but also other articles (why you shouldn’t donate to wikipedia, about overclocking, about i5 vs i7..). Am thinking I’ll give up for the day. Maybe I can try again later tonight. I’m thinking the walk home will feel nice.

Update: Just did some working on it, and I think I have it sorted. Still feel tired and what not though.

Update 2: Did end up getting some work done. Not as much as I had thought I would get done that morning, but ok. Let’s see how tomorrow goes. (Last day of work before holiday!).


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