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Operation make a track in a week is complete.

December 19, 2011

Read my log about making this track here.


Firstly, it’s a lot shorter than I had planned. Well, all I would need to have done is included the intro and outro to get to the desired length.

I’m happy with it considering I only spent about 12 hours on it. This ‘make a track in a week’ is definitely a cool thing to do, something I think I’ll try again.

Falls in to the routine of composing a track of long melodic pads. I do like those textured bassy pad sounds, but it can become a lazy and lethargic sounding song.

I didn’t really try tune the kick to the bass. Try that next time.
I like that noise-redux-reverb sound.
The drums are good, but could probably have worked more on them. Added more stuff, added a few more twists.

All in all, I’m pretty happy. There was one moment in production where (the sunday night), where if I had been a bit more active and onto it, I think I could have made a lot more progress in the limited time but. Do want to move away from this slow sounding style though. Let’s keep it interesting.

Next project –  Make a bunch of short track ideas!


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