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Getting stuck on making a sound.

January 1, 2012

So the last couple of days I’ve just been working on a generic track. I’m going for that warm, lots of of bassy pads, sound that I like.

Right now I’m writing this because I’m stuck at a point, and I’m not moving on from it. So I figure write about, formulate a plan for getting through it.

I’ve been quickly (relative to past projects) adding length to this track. I add a bit, decide ‘alright, that’s good for now’, decide what sound comes next, add that, usually that copy-pastes out for a bit, and repeat. I can then go back later, and clean up the sounds, and add more fx type sounds on top, etc.

So this sound that I’ve got at the moment – just sounds too ‘much’, too sudden, too loud. (I really like that low pass kind of sound).

So one obvious suggestion is to just delete (or mute) the sound, and create a different one instead. Try move on like that.
Also – I could possibly angle for a break down at this part of the song.

Ok, I’m going to try mute the sound and try again.


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