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Not as productive as I would like today.

January 4, 2012

Just a quick note. It’s 11:24, already too late, want to goto sleep and get up early tomorrow.

I’ll try write about this in more depth later. Have been a bit browsey. Looking at a bunch of memes online and such.
Spent a couple of hours blogging.

Did spend a few hours trying to tidy this kitchen up. It’s fucking gross. The tops of everything seems to be covered with this sticky stuff.
Managed to have a bit of a sort out, so all the decent pots and pans are in one place now.
We’ll see if the land lady ends up getting us a shelf to put the plates etc on, that will improve things a bit. If not, it’s very possible that I’ll want to find a new place. Wish I’d been a bit more observant checking this place out. Oh well, learning experience I guess.

Didn’t make any music. It would have been good to have done, like even just half an hour, I probably would have got something nice made.

My overall psychology is feeling pretty good. I feel confident and out there. Just need to pick up the productivity, get tunes made.


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