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Struggling with what to do when I get home.

January 10, 2012

I’ve had a reasonable day. Alarm went off at 6am, and while I was tempted to sleep in (I was dreaming about being in Las Vegas), I did get up, and went for a run. Establishing good habits.

Got to uni at 10am. I get some work done with the day – I’m not particularly productive, but I’ve got a ‘stage’ done – so tomorrow I’ll be able to get on with moving on, which I feel good about. Get home. Have dinner. (I’m hungry).

Now what?

I kind of don’t feel like getting started… Making music? Writing novel? Tidy my room? (It does need to be tidied).

Is  this a bad attitude on my part, or do I really need a lie down? I did get up at 6am. Perhaps a lie down would be normal.  Perhaps I should start making music, see how it goes.


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