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Re-establish priorities, let’s get some structure going on.

April 1, 2012


My three week university holidays have just started, what are my goals for it?


  • Human computer interaction assignment, I’m working with others, to get it done.

  • Math assignment, it’s doing some cryptography. Get that done.

  • Physics, catch up the whole term, so I’m feeling competant by the time school goes back.

  • Physics lab report. Perhaps hook up with someone in the class to get that done.

  • Software engineering – have to make steady progress on this, and hopefully sort out the dyamics of this group.

  • Get some work on my oscillator program done.

  • Try sort something out with WE Produce to perhaps give seminar/tutorial.

  • Talk to my summer research project about possibly redoing the end of the project. I feel disapointed that I didn’t totally explore the project, and given that I’ve got my mind around the algorithm, I want to see the results of the different versions. But the problem with this, is that it looks like I’m already pretty busy. Perhaps I can chip away at it.

  • In the meantime, keep making a little bit of music, or writing a little bit of my book each night.


I’m thinking I’ve got to keep updating this as well. The ‘do a project in a week’ thing is pretty good. But at the moment I’m enjoying just working freestyle on this track. So I’m going to keep doing that. But I think I’ll just little updates about the workflow etc.


For example, tonight, was finding making a track difficult. Had put in a melody last night. When I came to it tonight, I mucked around with the sound of the melody a bit, didn’t really do anything. Then I decided I need to put an extra sweep sound in that spot. But wasn’t happy with the sound I was making (pitch bending a saw wave, put a bandpass filter on it). But I think this is a pitfall here, rather than moving on with the track (which sounds pretty good), getting stuck on one small part of it. Rather, I should use the momentum of the track, to keep building on it.


I’m thinking instead of writing each of these small updates as an individual post, I’ll just make them paragraphs in a weekly post.  


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