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Current goals.

April 30, 2012

Time frame: Let’s say one month, we’ll see in a month how I think I’ve done on these fronts.


  • Establish habit of getting up early. I’ve been getting up too often at 10 or 11 oclock. I should be getting up at like 9 at the latest, but I’d prefer to head toward 6.
  • Now that all these assignments are out of the way – I’d like to keep on top of my school work.
  • Do this optional math assignment. It looks fun and might improve my mark.
  • Regularly (ie everynight) make music OR do some writing, OR do some personal programming. I reckon two hours is a pretty reasonable amount, but it could be just 15 minutes if I’m super busy.
  • Attend social events, get involved with other people/groups/clubs.
  • Fill out life metrics*. It’ll be interesting to see what one month of metrics looks like.


  • The life metrics is like a spreadsheet of values, which I plan to fill out each nights. Contains things like ‘How happy I feel’, ‘How motivated I feel’, ‘What time I got up’, ‘What time I went to bed’, ‘How many coffees I’ve drunk today’.
    Over a long period, I might be able to collate the data as to identify some trends, and find what might be working. Plus it would look intersting.


I’ve tried this before, I didn’t stick with it. I found that I’d be like ‘Ok, time for bed’ and then turn of my computer, forgetting to fill it out. Then I wouldn’t want to turn my computer back on and wait for it to boot. Now that I’ve got a laptop, it might be that little bit easier to do (as I can just unsleep the laptop).


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