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Operation make a bunch of short track ideas review.

April 30, 2012

Strike Commander.

I didn’t do this one as I couldnt’ find a version of the game that had the voices.

Eric Cartman – Hippies
I got the sound for this, but didn’t do anything with it. I’m not worried. We’ll do it another time.


I’m not that happy with what I’ve got here.

I like that it has a steady bass line. That does seem to work.

I think I was wanting more atmospheric monster sounds.

This is definitely an idea  I would try again though.


I love the dub sound at the start! Sounds really nice, and to think it’s from computer game sounds. Perhaps I’ll pick this track up again and make somethingo of it.

That second part… I guess the drums are kind of interesting. But yeah, I don’t like it. I really stressed out when I was writing that part. I got frustrated that it didn’t seem to be working. I should have just cut my loses and done something else (some programming or something).

Wolfenstein (Wondering about my loved ones).

The most full length track of the three. It made it a lot easier that I was using a pre composed midi clips.
That intro goes for a touch too long, and then it doesn’t drop into something banging enough. No kick drum.

That lead sounds too reverby.

That drum break is weird, but it’s actually kinda interesting and punchy.

Yeah, I quite like the bits I did at the end, made me laugh. And some of the bits in there actually sound like the punchyness that I like. I could possible take bits of this out, and use them.


Good project for sure.

The scope expanded on me a bit, and I tried making Wolfenstien into a full track. The whole idea of this was just to get some ideas down on paper, and try get some kind of sound working.

I need to be more focused on getting things down. Getting that one loop going. And then add some other ideas.

I think I will try doing a similar project again.


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