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Some honesty about this blog.

July 16, 2012

I’ve alluded to it a little in the past. Not all is cheery in my life – I have some issues that prevent me from being this productive superstar, that I’m working through. I have a couple of anonymous blogs dedicated to discussing this.


What I’ve found is that the context of anonymity, and that with these other blogs, I’m writing for myself, rather than for my audience, gives me an amount of freedom with blogging – I write what I want, whatever I’m feeling at the time.


It’s not the same with this blog:

  • I plan to share this with friends, contacts, and potential employers.
  • I write this as a way to produce value for myself. That is – to create a blog that other people find valuable – they find use in it’s posts.


It actually is counter to this second goal, to be producing a blog that details me failing!

It really wouldn’t look good to an employer, them reading my blog that shows me as a bit of a flake.


The original inception of this blog was that it would be a collection of tutorial, videos, and useful tips for being productive and creative.


I think what I’m going to do, is just keep posting content here. I have found that this ‘not wanting to make posts that make me look bad’ has me a bit paralysed with this blog, I don’t make any posts at all. For now, I think I will just not show any employers the blog, until it looks a bit better. I figure I can ‘bury’ these older failing posts with lots of new material.
But also – I think the confessional style of writing, where I just write honestly about what’s going on, works. It gives a human touch, and realism and thus crediablity.

For example – I can be writing posts about sleeping in, documenting what processes happen when I sleep in. And also – I feel like I’ve got to a level where I’m being productive as well. I’ve got plenty of things I can write about.

I may try format this blog, so posts are in different sections, and the confessional ‘bloggy’ posts, are in a seperate section to tutorials and such.


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