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I’ve started creating tutorial videos.

July 29, 2012

I’ve found this to be a really good way to be creative and productive, and make use of the the things I’ve learned about music, when I’m feeling unable to actually make music.


This is the very first one I made. Took about five attempts or something.

The sound is obviously screwy.  I was outputting the sound through my monitor speakers, and the laptops obviously picked it up and it sounds crap.
The solution I’ve found to this is to listen to the sound through headphones. The problem here is in if I’m wanting to create bass sounds, my headphones aren’t very good for hearing bass.

I’m happy with the subject of this tutorial. I like that it’s nice and short.
I actually did do several takes to create it – because I’d create that initial sound, and not be happy with it, and it would take forever to make! So I’d start again – wanting to make that sound really quickly. (I think it’s cool to show the creation of the sound, rather than have it pre-setup, it’s another little bit of tutorial goodness for the viewer).


My review of how the tutorials are so far: 

I’m glad that I’m doing them.

They’re a bit ‘clunky’. But I figure with practise I’ll get better at them.

I shouldn’t do so many retakes- it’s a waste of time and I get wound up. Just be relaxed and get it right from the start.

Have it written down what things I’m going to cover. (Coz in the heat of the moment I forget).




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