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Lol my attempt at a new method to produce a track failed spectacularly.

July 31, 2012

The plan was – to write out before hand everything that I would do.

Here’s what I wrote:

Select kick, snare, 2 hats, ride, clap, bass.

Create a 4? bar loop with drums and bass.

Create another seperate one.

Select from patch library a lead synth.

Program in meldoy, simple one chord each bar.

Copy this loop out four? Times, automate a parameter.

White noise build up at thye end of it.

Create a chattery sound

creata third (downbeat) drum loop.

Create a second melody sound.

Melody for break down.

Delay effect, take drums out before second part comes in

atmospheric bass for intro.

At this point there was still more stuff I could have added, but I figured that this was enough for now.

How it went:

From the start it was real go slow.
Note that I hadn’t really specified any kind of style, or feel for the song. But I was going for an uplifting progressive trance kind of sound.

Like I spent probably ½ to one hour just playing around with kicks. Layering two kicks etc. Looking for this kind of quite intense, but not too ‘clicky’ kick.

Then I put in the rest of the drums. Played around with that.

I didn’t like it. It was boring? (I haven’t had a listen since).

So I ended up just starting a new set, and playing around with what I wanted. And I found that a lot more gripping.

So what can I say about this?

Perhaps I just shouldn’t have quit at that point. Writing this, I realise that I didn’t quite follow my intstructions correctly – I didn’t come up with a bass at the same time that I was getting the drums.

But yeah – what if I had just been like ‘Ok, done that, now add a bass’, just made myself power through it.

But on the other hand – it seems to make me feel a lot better about how I have been doing it – just come up with the sounds that I’m feeling at the time, and plug them in.

Certainly – as I’ve written this – I’m glad I gave this a go. I’m actually feeling a bit ‘writer’s blocked’ . I’m sure this has been written about many times before.

I could try make myself get into it – but what I’m thinking is just focusing on some other stuff for a week instead. I haven’t written any of this book for ages, or done any of my programming project, so I’m thinkingI might just focus on those for the week.
The problem here is – there’s this competition due in mid august- to produce a live set. So like, if I want to enter this, I really do need to get my A into G and come up with some sounds!
Well – we’ll see, no point in making myself unhappy over it. BUT PERHAPS I JUST NEED TO MAN UP AND DO THE WORK. Haha, let’s leave it here. 🙂


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