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Why I’ve created this blog.

I write this blog for myself. That said, I’m sure that others could find value in reading this.  I find that writing about things helps me sort out the issues. It gives me clarity. It helps me break down the issue into identifiable chunks, and then now that it’s explicit in my mind, I can get on and deal with it. I actually keep another couple of blogs, but I keep those anonymous.

So this blog is all about productivity. I have projects I want to work, and I want to get them done. In writing this blog I hope be able to set clear identifyable goals, and get on and achieve them. I also hope I’d pick up little tricks and methods for just helping keep my productivity and happiness up.

A little about myself. 

I’m a twenty six year old male. I’m at the end of my second year studying computer science, after doing a BA in philosophy.

I attend outdoor dance parties regularly, and I have been playing around with making music for a couple of years now. Have made much more progress this year on this front. Bought monitor speakers at the start of this year, which has helped.

I run and work out regularly. I like it, makes me feel attractive and good.

In terms of a career: computer science seems like a pretty ‘safe’ kind of career (ie, I’ll be able to get a job), which is why I’m studying it. My ideal job would be somehow making the world a better place, while earning good money. I’m not so sure about doing really ‘grindy’ computer work, would rather be a more socially focused, motivating people, producing good ideas etc. I quite like economics.



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